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Meetings & Programs — 2023

Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held, in-person, at the Litchfield Community Center, 421 Bantam Road (Rt. 202), Litchfield, CT. Additionally, for those that are not able to attend the monthly meeting at the Litchfield Community Center, the presentation will be available via Zoom. To register for the Zoom presentation, click on the link provided in the announcement write-up.

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Murmurations of the Heart: Swallows and Other Birds that Swarm

September 11, 2023

Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Litchfield Community Center, 421 Bantam Rd, Litchfield CT

Mark Seth Lender will show us the fantastic forms of a murmuration, something that has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. What holds a murmuration together? What forces design and initiate its form? Mark will share his answer to these questions with his photographs of our much beloved Connecticut River Tree Swallow Funnel. Mark is a producer for wildlife content and the Explorer in Residence for the Public Radio program “Living on Earth.” He conducts original fieldwork, does his own photography, writes and edits copy to present on air. He and his wife created the children’s books, Smeagull the Seagull, A True Story, and Smeagull’s Guide to Wildlife.

Unable to attend in-person at the Litchfield Community Center, you can click on the following link to register for the Zoom remote viewing option.  <Murmurations of the Heart>

Nowhere Is a Place: Patagonia

October 2, 2023

Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Litchfield Community Center, 421 Bantam Rd, Litchfield CT

Spend some quality time with Gerri Griswold as she shares breathtaking images from this ethereal travel destination tucked along the tail of the Andes near the bottom of the world. Meet the people, animals, and numerous microclimates that define this mythical place. Gerri is the director of administration and development at The White Memorial Conservation Center. She is a wildlife rehabilitator and educator who is licensed to keep and exhibit non-releasable bats and porcupines for education. In 2010 she launched a travel company, Krummi Travel LLC, which takes small groups of adults on trips to Iceland and Chilean Patagonia.