One of many beaver lodges at Wigwam Brook Sanctuary

Wigwam Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Wigwam Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, located along Connecticut’s scenic Route 254 in Litchfield, is a landscape that has seen many changes over the years, some man-made and others by nature. Mowed fields and stonewalls show evidence of former farm land, and an overgrown Christmas tree plantation, (now a haven for many birds) demonstrate another agricultural practice. Wigwam Brook, the sanctuary’s namesake, tranquilly flows the length of the property, ponding up now and then along the way, thanks to industrious beavers.


The 36 acre property was acquired in 2008 and Litchfield Hills Audubon Society has been devoted to preserving existing habtats¬† and enhancing others to attract wildlife species. Change continues volunteers plant trees and shrubs for wildlife. Two American Chestnut orchards, totaling 2 acres, have been planted and managed to help restore this magnificent tree to its former grandeur. Visitors who wish to explore the sanctuary’s diverse habitats of fields, woodlands and wetlands, will find a short trail leading into these interesting areas.

Welcome to Wigwam Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

  • 36 acres of diverse habitat
  • American Chestnut Orchard
  • beaver ponds
  • Wigwam Brook
  • hiking trails
  • open to the public

Sanctuary Rules:

All LHAS’ sanctuaries are managed and maintained primarily for the benefit of wildlife, conservation and education. The sanctuaries are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Please respect and be kind to the creatures that inhabit the sanctuaries.

  • stay on marked hiking trails
  • trails are designed for foot travel only
  • carry out what you carry in
  • take only photographs, leave plants for others to enjoy
  • sensitive ecology, NO pets allowed
  • bicycles and motorized vehicles prohibited on trails
  • drones are prohibited