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Chimney Swifts: Mystery and Magic Revealed

Bethany Sheffer
March 4, 2024

Bethany Sheffer, from Sharon Audubon, brought to light during her presentation answers to the conundrum: Bats? Birds? Minions of the Underworld! She unraveled the mystery behind these unique and fascinating birds while giving us behind-the-scenes footage of Sharon Audubon’s work with them through its Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.


To view her presentation, click on the YouTube link: <Chimney Swifts>

Celebrating 50 Years of Project Puffin - from Maine to the World

Sue Schubel
February 5, 2024

“Seabird Sue” Schubel, seabird celebrant for Audubon’s Seabird Institute, based in Bremen, Maine, shared with us, through her stunning and informative slideshow, her years of experience and involvement in the Puffin Project involving the reintroduction and preservation of the Atlantic Puffin that had begun some 50 years ago, beginning in 1973.


To view her presentation, click on the YouTube link: <Puffins>

Birds, Flora & Fauna of the High Andes

Angela Dimmitt

January 8, 2024

Back from her adventure, high up in the Andes mountains of Argentina, Angela Dimmitt took us on a virtual tour with her slideshow presentation of flamingos, humming birds, Burrowing Owls , Burrowing Parrots, breathtaking landscapes and so much more. 


To view her presentation, click on the YouTube link: <Argentina>

Birding Through the Lens

Birding with Mike and Eric

December 4, 2023

Brothers-in-law, Eric Larson and Michael Krampitz presented their program “Birding Through the Lens” which was composed of beautiful bird photos taken locally here in Connecticut. They also told us how they decide where and when to photograph particular types of birds.


To view their presentation click on the YouTube link: <Birding>

Rays of the Sun

A Hummingbird Sampler

Chris Wood

November 6, 2023

Chris Wood, is an avid birder, traveler, and photographer extraordinaire. He has visited several neotropical regions and the southwestern U.S., in addition to our own backyard in Connecticut, collecting observations and photographs of hummingbirds. Of the 360 or so species of hummingbird occurring in the Western Hemisphere, only 15 are regularly seen in the United States. Chris has seen 111 different hummingbirds and photographed 94 of them. An active birder and bird photographer for 45 years, Chris is currently president of the Connecticut Ornithological Association and is a founding member of the Western Connecticut Bird Club.

To view his presentation click on the YouTube link: <Hummingbirds>

Nowhere is a Place: Patagonia

Gerri Griswold

October 2, 2023

Gerri Griswold shared with us breathtaking images from this ethereal travel destination tucked along the tail of the Andes near the bottom of the world. She spoke of and shared slides of the people, animals, and numerous microclimates that define this mythical place. Gerri is the director of administration and development at The White Memorial Conservation Center. She is a wildlife rehabilitator and educator who is licensed to keep and exhibit non-releasable bats and porcupines for education. In 2010 she launched a travel company, Krummi Travel LLC, which takes small groups of adults on trips to Iceland and Chilean Patagonia.

To view his presentation click on the YouTube link: <Patagonia>

Murmurations of the Heart

Swallows and Other Birds that Swarm

Mark Seth Lender

September 11, 2023

Mark Seth Lender presented us with the fantastic forms of a murmuration, something that has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. What holds a murmuration together? What forces design and initiate its form? Mark shared his answer to these questions with his photographs of our much beloved Connecticut River Tree Swallow Funnel. Mark is a producer for wildlife content and the Explorer in Residence for the Public Radio program “Living on Earth.” He conducts original fieldwork, does his own photography, writes and edits copy to present on air. He and his wife created the children’s books, Smeagull the Seagull, A True Story, and Smeagull’s Guide to Wildlife.


To view his presentation click on the YouTube link: <Murmurations>

Developing the Arts and Crafts House and Garden

Jeanne Farewell

July 10, 2023

Jeanne Farewell discussed the Arts and Crafts Garden with photos of her own garden in Brewster, NY, and those of British gardens, referencing architecture, design, and the artistic origins of the movementJeanne brings her arts background to the garden and has been a speaker for groups such as the Garden Conservancy’s Digging Deeper program.She is co-host of the “Parsley and Sage” podcast.


To view her presentation click on the YouTube link: <Arts & Crafts Garden>

Intro to 'Ungardening'

Aubree Keurajian

April 3, 2023

Aubree Keurajian, Cornell-educated botanist and ecologist, presented an introduction to the idea of “ungardening,” or restorative home land care that is guided by natural ecological processes. She discussed the concept and method of ungardening, what a “weed” really is, invasive species and how to deal with them, and suggested plant identification resources. Aubree has worked as a botanist in Connecticut for the past four years, protecting native plants, while founding Ungardening Native Plants to educate people about native plants and ecological living.


To view her presentation click on the YouTube link: <Ungardening>

Lights out CT

Craig Repasz

April 3, 2023

Craig Repasz, Connecticut Ornithological Association’s Conservation Committee chair and past president of the New Haven Bird Club, told us about Lights Out CT!, a campaign to help protect migrating birds from crashing into buildings at nightWhy Lights Out? Most migratory birds pass over our state at night, when temperatures are cooler and skies are less turbulent. However, artificial lights attract and disorient birds, leading to collisions with buildings. The result is catastrophic: almost 1 billion birds killed in the United States every year. Craig spoke more about the problem and the steps we can take to protect our birds.


To view his presentation click on the YouTube link: <Lights Out CT>

Birds on the Brink

The World of Captive Waterfowl Conservation

Logan Connor

March 6, 2023

Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy (RWC) is often referred to as one of the hidden gems of Litchfield County. Although the facility may be tucked away in the woods, the RWC’s name and legacy are known around the world. With over 400 birds and close to 90 species, RWC is one of the largest collections of waterfowl in the country and a breeding center for many rare and endangered species. Logan Connor, Director of Aviculture at RWC,  talked about the birds as well as the importance of aviculture and captive breeding programs and how they relate to waterfowl conservation.


To view his presentation click on the YouTube link: <Birds on the Brink>